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"Bossiney Cove"



"A Joyful Moment"

"Moonlight Over the Rocky Valley"

"White Horses"


"Crummock Water"

"The Wishing Tree"


"The Old House"


"Into the Tangled Wood"




"Whitby Abbey"




"The Last House"


"The Sleeping Castle"




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"The Awakening"


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"Stay Not on the Precipice"


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"Earth Light Trees"


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"The Path"


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"Castlerigg Stone Circle"

"Whitby Abbey Wrapped in
Snow and Cloud"


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"Bonny Amrethryn"

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"The Fairy Wood"


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"Stalking Tender Prey"

T08.jpg (3353 bytes) "The Lady's Lake"

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"Black Cat in the Moonlight"


T08.jpg (3353 bytes) "Stay"


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"Old Wardour Castle"


T08.jpg (3353 bytes) "Dilly's Tree"







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